Framing 101
Framing 101
Framing 101

When looking for durable picture frames that both please the eye and complement the piece itself, there is no better place to go than Central Park Framing & Finds in Owatonna Minnesota.  

With endless combinations of materials, designs, colors, and textures, we can ensure that your piece is properly preserved in high-quality materials that are built to last a lifetime. From mouldings to matboards, we have the materials and craftsmanship needed to create an amazing customized piece for your space.


At Central Park Framing & Finds, we take great pride in the astonishing number of exquisite custom frame mouldings we offer to help you create the perfect frame for your artwork or photograph. From sleek and modern to ornate and classic – from solid and rich to simple and clean, we carry mouldings and materials to fit every style and taste.


Over time, pictures can lose their luster when exposed to sunlight, harsh indoor lighting, or even just open air. At Central Park Framing & Finds, we offer glazing products with UV filtering to help protect your photograph or prized print from the dangerous ultraviolet rays that cause color loss and fading.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us at Central Park Framing & Finds for more information, or to find out what glazing option will best suit your needs.

Acid-Free Matting

Did you know that properly matting a picture or photograph is far more important than just another way to complement the picture itself, or to make the picture “pop”? Matting is crucial when it comes to adding strength, support, and sufficient air space between the glazing and the framed piece, and can help preserve your photograph or print for many more years to come.

At Central Park Framing & Finds, we offer acid-free matting that is available in many different colors and textures, fabrics, and styles – not only to make your picture “pop”, but also to help protect it for as long as possible while complementing your style and the piece itself.